Website Promotion

It's important that your website not only gets listed in the search engines, but be designed from the ground up to be search engine friendly.


Built to rank highly in the search engines
Even if you already have a website, and need it improved in this area, we can help.

This is a step that many people take for granted when designing a website. "Build it and they will come" is not always true.

It's important that the web designer that you choose understand how the search engines work, so that the web pages created can fit into their complicated algorithms and your website will have a much better chance for coming out on top.

Order a custom $99 report for your website
If you already have a website, and want to increase its rankings in the search engines, we offer a search engine analysis report, $99.00. We won't hold anything back.

We'll analyze your entire website and look for ways that you can improve how you rank in the search engines. Most websites have dozens of opportunities for improvement in this area. Why not find out how you can start getting more traffic today?

Contact us with your website URL for details.

Why is Search Engine Positioning Important?
Good search engine positioning can mean the difference between the success and failure of your website! Make sure that you don't leave out this crucial part of the web design process!

Right now, people are on the search engine looking for the products and services that you offer. Some are finding your website, but most are giving their business to other websites. If you could only slightly increase your search engine rankings, you would be getting more hits, more leads, and more business!

Even if you think you already have all the business you can handle, why not just increase your rates so that any new business you have will only be the most profitable clients?

Search engine positioning really works. Whether you offer a specialized service in a particular city, like this Kansas City Hypnosis Company or if you offer international products, like Lynn Peavey Company, we can help.

There's a good chance you searched for Kansas City Web Design Company, or something similar when you found RedMagic! That's no coincidence, it's search engine positioning!