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Choose RedMagic for a website that looks and works great!

RedMagic has worked on websites for Sprint, AMC Theaters, Hallmark Cards and numerous other succesful companies. See the Web Design Portfolio to learn more.

We also work with small to medium sized businesses, such as: Lynn Peavey Company, one of the world's largest suppliers of Crime Scene supplies, NUWA - a manufacturer of mobile homes, and Media Chicks - a media buying agency. RedMagic, a Kansas City web design company, has built websites for and consulted with large and small companies from Kansas to as far away as Europe!



Why choose RedMagic?

Choose RedMagic because you want a clean, easy to use website. You want someone who looks at the big picture every step of the way, with acute attention to detail. You want to talk to someone who understands (almost) everything, but speaks in your language --- Even people who've built highly successful websites on their own use RedMagic to help them increase their conversion rates.

Value. Cut out the middle-man. You'll be working with me, Scott Henderson. I'll do most of the work myself. (If we need to, I'll use my resources around the country to help get the job done: professional copywriters, database programmers, Flash developers, and some of the most talented programmers in the country).

Less Overhead. I work out of my home, answer my own calls, and do most of the work myself.

Easy to use. Quick - think of your bank's website. If it's easy to use, you will like the bank more, and if it is difficult, you'll like the bank less. It's the same with your customers. Not only will they like you more, they'll buy more if your website is easier to use!

Of course, you're smart and you know that already. But actually making it easy to use is the tough part. That's what RedMagic does best. We made Lynn Peavey's website so easy to use that their sales literally DOUBLED in one month after the redesign.

Why Advertising Agencies cost so much (for your amusement)
I used to work for an Ad Agency - and here's why they cost so much:

You call the ad agency and the secretary answers the phone with a nice voice. She transfers you to the friendly customer-facing account executive who is your point of contact and translates everything into work orders to give to the project manager to see who has the skill and time to work on it. Then it goes to the HTML developer - hope nothing got lost in translation - who does the coding, but who really just wants to get it done as fast as possible. Hey, if there's a major mistake the proofreader will catch it right? If there was more than just HTML, they might have needed to bring in a graphic designer or database programmer.

Then the whole thing goes back up the chain to notify the client that the project is ready for review. Then, the changes -- there are always changes -- go back down the whole ladder again.

This doesn't even include the cost of their slick and savvy office.

Skip the Ad Agency, work with me. I'll help you every step of the way. Whether you need a full e-commerce shopping cart with real-time credit card transactions, a lead-generation site, an informational site, or just need someone to look at your website and tell you why it isn't bringing in the business you thought it should, I can help.

Let's talk. I'd love to hear from you -- no sales pressure!